Office of the Bursar

Create a CashNet Payer (formerly Authorized User)

Only the student can create a CASHNet Payer. An Payer can be a:

  • parent,
  • both parents individually: they need separate email addresses or collectively: they have a common email address they share),
  • grandparent(s),
  • employers, etc.

You, the student, might want to keep in mind that your Payer(s) will have access to information that is located on your ePAyment or Pay Bill page.

Payers have the ability to:

  • View your eBill
  • Make online payments to your student account through our secure payment site using an electronic check (eCheck) or credit card. (See: How to make a payment on a bursar account)
  • Enroll you in a payment plan
  • View your payment schedule
  • View the balance on your student account
  • View recent payments and saved banking or credit card information

How to Create a CASHNet Payer

  1. Go to the Student Hub:
  2. Click the icon called "Pay Bill"
  3. Enter your Username and Password and click LOGIN
  4. Click the tab on the left side of the page with your name on it. 
  5. Scroll down to "Payers" and click "Send a payer invitation.
  6. Fill out the form and click "Send invitation."

Once you submit the information, the Payer will receive an email. If the email doesn't arrive promptly, the intended recipient should check their spam or junk mail folder since the email comes from either DoNotReply or NoReply. Once the email is received, there are instructions for the Payer to follow to setup their access.

For CASHNet Payers: When the student first creates a Payer(s), a Username and temporary Password will be sent to each Payer(s) (e.g. parent(s), guardian, employer, etc.). When the Payer(s) logs in for the first time, they will be prompted to change their temporary Password and answer a security question. From that point forward, when a statement is available, the Payer will receive an email notification that includes a link which will allow them to log in using their personalized Username and Password.

Remember, a Payer uses a different URL ( than a student when logging in.