Office of the Bursar

Billing Schedule

Xavier University does not send out paper bills. Instead, we publish an electronic version of a bill (eBill) each month. eBills are published on or about the 5th of every month with Due Dates of the 25th of each month.*

  • The 1st eBill for the Summer semester is produced on or about May 5th.
  • The 1st eBill for the Fall semester is produced on or about July 5th
  • The 1st eBill for the Spring semester is produced on or about December 5th.* 

eBill publication notifications are sent by email to students and Authorized Users. For more information on how to view your eBill, becoming an Authorized User, or regarding any bursar related issue, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions link on the Bursar's website at

Students who decide to enroll in a payment plan will be assessed an enrollment fee for each semester they use the payment plan. This enrollment fee is paid at the time of enrollment. More information about payment plans can be found here X-Flex Payment Plan. Once enrolled, the payment schedule for this Plan will reflect a Due Date each month of the 25th.

A Late Fee is assessed for payments that are not made on or before the Due Date of the 25th. The Late Fee will be charged to the student's account on the 28th of the month (or the prior business day) at the rate of 1% (subject to change) of the amount that is due and unpaid.

*The Due Date for the Spring eBill is extended to January 1st, in order to allow students to make payments in the same tax year as when the semester begins. This has implication for reporting on IRS form 1098-T. If you have questions regarding your 1098-T, it is best to consult a tax professional.