Office of the Bursar

All about the Monthly Statement

Your statement is an online invoice that displays the same information as traditional paper billing statements. It provides convenient access from any computer with an Internet connection. Information is secure and confidential. The statement can only be viewed by the student and any CASHNet Payer (formerly "Authorized User(s)"). There are no mailing and postal delays.

The Bursar's Office publishes statements on the 5th of each month (or the next business day if the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday) for accounts that have a balance (credit or debit) or any new account activity since the last statement was published.

The Statement at a Glance

  • Your statement reflects your previous balance (balance forward), all charges and credits/ payments, and your total balance.
  • The due date and the minimum amount due are displayed in the upper right hand corner of the statement.
  • The first statement for the Spring semester will be published on December 5th. If you are paying in full, the total balance is due January 3rd, 2023. 
  • Statements will not change as payments are made or charges are assessed. All activity that takes place on a student's account after a statement has been published will appear on the next month's statement.