Office of the Bursar



FERPA is an acronym for a Federal regulation called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Act, among other things, states that college students, no matter their age, have a right to their privacy. A completed online FERPA (Proxy and the Authorized User) permits the Bursar's Office to discuss your student account with specific people whom you designate, whether they call our office, walk in, or contact us by email. If the Bursar's Office doesn't have an online FERPA that includes the name of the person who is inquiring about your account, information will not be provided to that person. Your choices remain intact during your entire time here at Xavier or until you, the student, decide to make a change to someone's rights.

Here's how to complete a FERPA:

There are two separate places a student needs to go in order to grant someone access to the student's bursar account.

a. The student should login to their ePayment site. This is done through the Student Hub. Once at the Hub, click on the Pay Bill icon and login. Scroll to the bottom and on the left side there is a box titled 'Your Authorized Users.' Click 'Add New.' Complete the requested information. You can only enter one person at a time. Once compete, you have now added this person as an Authorized User on your bursar account. They will receive email notices when eBills are published and they will have access to the student's bursar account balance, payment plan, eBills, and more.

b. The second place a student should go in order to grant someone access to their bursar account information is something called Proxy. The student should go to the Student Hub, click on the Self-Service icon, login, then click on the tab along the top of the page called Proxy, click on Proxy Management, click on Add Proxy and then follow the prompts. It's a bit of a process to add someone but along with granting someone access to the student's bursar account, the student can also grant people access to a lot of other financial and academic information.