Finance Self Service

View Document

From the Finance Menu you have the ability to view documents on-line. To begin, click on "View Document".

The following screen appears.

Choose a document type from the pull down box, and then enter either a Purchase Order or Invoice Number, according to the type you chose, in the field after Document Number. Let the rest of the choices default. Select View Document.

Please note that not all document types shown are available for on-line query access. At this time the only documents available for on-line access are purchase orders, encumbrances, and invoices.

In order to use this feature easily it is best to have your document numbers.

If you do not have the number and want to search, first select the type of document that you are searching for. Then click on DOCUMENT to go to Document Lookup. Here at least on field marked with an asterisk must be entered. You can use wildcards (%). If a date is used the month and year are required. The user ID must be blank. Then select Execute Query. When this list of documents displays, click on the number (in blue) of the one you want to view. This takes you back to the View Page. Now click on View Document and the document will display.

Note: Not all document types shown are available for on-line query access. At this time only Purchase orders and Invoices are available.

The following acreen appears if you chose an Invoice to view.

If you chose a Purchase Order, the following screen appears.

At the bottom of the display any related documents are displayed, e.g. Invoice numbers. You can click on those document numbers that are displayed in blue to display that document.

To view another document click Back on the browser. To go to another query click Return to Finance Menu at the top right of the display.