When funding a 601651 budget pool, the budget revision must be done either within a 21 digit FOAP or between two different 21 digit accounts to the pool, not to the specific account codes.

When completing a budget revision, the FOAP you want to put money into belongs on the left (increase) side. The FOAP you are taking money from belongs on the right (decrease) side of the form.

In the justification of the budget revision, ample information should be documented. For example: # of students X # of hours per week X # of weeks X hourly wage.

It should be noted in the upper left hand corner of the budget revision as to whether the budget revision is one time only or permanent. The budget revision should have all appropriate signatures prior to arriving at the Budget Office in order for it to be processed.

Budget Revisions may not be used to move money between current unrestricted funds (110000) and any other restricted funds (11xxxx).