601652 Student-unlimited
This is the account code for all non-federal and non University awarded college work study student expenses (stipends).

601653 Student-limited
This is the account code for University work study awards.

601654 Student-CWSP
This is the account code where 25% of College Work Study Program eligible student expenses belong.

601655 Student-CWSP - Federal
This is where 75% of College Work Study Program student expenses are recorded. To determine if a student is eligible for the College Work Study Program, contact Financial Aid.

A plan for the amount of expenses/revenue during the fiscal year that will be incurred and/or generated.

The actual expenses/revenue generated through the year as a result of, but not limited to the following: purchase orders, deposits with cash receipts, bookstore purchases, copy card purchases, printing expenses.

Encumbrance/Open Commitment
Funds that are set aside for a particular expense and are held until the order is received and is ready to be paid. The funds are then liquidated from the encumbrance at the time of payment.