Finance Self Service

Saving/Retrieving/Deleting Queries - Using Templates

Saving frequently used queries as templates saves time in the future when you want to access the same information. While queries can be saved from any screen only selection criteria entered up to that point can be saved. A template could be saved at each point and if given a different name, a separate query with its own detail will be created each time.

Templates should be saved as personal.

Personal templates are accessible by the creator only and shared templates are accessible to all.

Saving a Query Template:

Name the Query. It is recommended that you include in the name of the Template the fund/org number it pertains to and the purpose of the query, e.g. "11111-Demo Org-Avail Bal". Do not check the Shared Box. Click the "Save Query As" box. A message will confirm the query has been saved. (If there is no Save Query As box, clicking Submit Query will save the query, and the confirming message will appear toward the top of the next screen.)

To prevent accidentally overwriting an existing template, FSS displays a "Save As" warning message when a user tries to save a template with the same name and type (regardless of upper or lower case).

The user then has two choices:

  • Select "Overwrite" to erase the old template and update it with the new one.
  • Select "Cancel" to return to the screen, rename the template, and click "Complete". OR if you decide not to save the query, leave the query name blank and click "Complete". This allows the query to run, but will not save it as a new template.

Retrieving an Existing/Saved Query:

Select the desired query from the drop down Retrieve Query box. After you make your selection, click "Retrieve Query". Your selections from the original saved query are filled in automatically. You can change them. Click Submit Query to run the query.

Deleting a Query Template:

Enter the template name or select if from the drop down list on the Delete finance Template screen. Click Submit Query. Click Delete to permanently delete it from your list of choices.