Directions for Completing Business Forms

The interdepartmental transfer form is used to move/transfer year-to-date financial activity from one fund/org/account or program code to another. This form is also used to purchase materials and services from other departments within the University. Do not use this form to adjust or move budget or commitment activity.

Form Preparation:

  • Enter on line 1 the Banner fund or org and account code. Program code may be entered if know, or leave blank and the controller's office will enter it. Fill in a description and enter the amount in the debit column. A debit will charge (take away) funds from the fund or org and account that you entered.
  • Enter on line 2 the Banner fund or org and account code that you want to credit (give funds to) by putting the amount in the credit column.
  • Multiple debits and/or credits may be entered on the same form. The total debits must equal the total credits.
  • Enter the explanation or justification on the form.
  • If you are ordering materials from another department, such as copy keys, fill in the delivery information.
  • Authorized signers on the fund or org being debited/charged must sign for approval.
  • The received signature line will be signed by the department receiving the materials when they are delivered.
  • Keep a copy of the completed form for your records.
  • Fill out the checklist attached to the form and attach it to the Interdepartment Charge Form.
  • Deliver or mail the completed forms to the controller's office in Schmidt Hall Room 102, ML 4531.

Please call the controller's office at X-4837 if you have any questions regarding the interdepartmental form.


Interdepartmental Transfer Form