How to Correct Transactions in the Banner Finance System

Always use an interdepartmental form to correct any non-payroll activity that was applied to the wrong object code. When the interdepartmental form is completed it should be forwarded to the Controller's Office for processing.

Do Not Use the Interdepartmental Form to Correct Payroll Activity

To correct any payroll expenses that have been charged to the wrong six digit account, you must send a memo to the Payroll Office with the individual(s) name(s), their social security number(s), and the amount of the activity or the date the change is in effect. You must list the account number the activity is being moved from, and the account number the activity is being moved to.

Any additional forms to be completed for permanent changes should be pursued with the Human Resources Office, the Budget Office, the Student Employment and the Vice President of Academic Affairs Office depending on the type of payroll involved.

Reminder: Always use a budget revision form when moving budgeted funds within an Org or between Org's.