Directions for Completing Business Forms

The cash receipt form is used to make deposits of cash/checks/credit cards to Banner funds or organization codes. All deposits of cash must be hand-delivered to the University cashier located in the Bursar's office, 135 Alter Hall. It is recommended that a copy of the cash receipt be made and retained by the department prior to submitting the cash receipt to the cashier's office. Departments need to verify that their deposits are credited to their fund/org and account by reviewing their cash receipts in the Banner system. Any discrepancies in their deposits need to be brought to the attention of the cashier in a timely basis.

Preparation of Deposits:

  • Cash receipts can be either filled in by hand or typed by using the interactive form on the Budget Office website.
  • Date the receipt as of the date submitted (mm/dd/yy).
  • Cash receipt number and bank fund will be filled in by the cashier.
  • Indicate who the deposit was received from and for what purpose.
  • Enter the fund (6 digits) or org (5 digits) NOT BOTH, along with the account code into which you want the funds deposited.
  • If you know your program code, enter it. If you are not sure, leave it blank and the cashier will enter it.
  • Enter the amount of the deposit on the appropriate line.
  • Enter a description (maximum of 35 characters). This will be the description that you see in Banner when you view it on-line.
  • Add the amounts on each line and enter the total amount. If you need more than 4 lines, attach additional cash receipts and put the total on the last cash receipt.
  • Please run a separate tape on the checks and cash and submit it with your deposit.
  • Enter the amount of currency/coin and checks on the appropriate line as to the type of remittance. The total of currency/coin and checks must equal the total that is being credited to the fund or orgs.
  • Do not include credit card deposits on the same cash receipt with cash and checks. Credit card deposits must be on a separate cash receipt.
  • The remarks section is optional.
  • The cash receipt needs to be legibly signed by the person completing the form.
  • If you need the cashier to receipt your copy of the cash receipt, please bring your copy with you when dropping it off at the cashier's office.

All deposits will be verified by the cashier prior to entering the cash receipt into the Banner system. The cashier will notify the University department if any discrepancy is found.

Please call Kim Skiles at X-4839 if you have any questions regarding the cash receipt form.


Cash Receipt Form