Finance Self Service

Budget Status by Account

Budget Status by Account allows you to review budget information by account for the Fiscal Period and Year to Date by: Specific FOAP/Index, Account Type or Revenue Accounts. You can look up budget information for one organization or grant - this is the quickest way to get transaction details.

Select the Budget Status by Account from the drop down menu.

Click "Create Query".

Select Operating Ledger Columns to display. (Reference the Budget Office Webpage for the table describing the Operating Ledger Data columns, or click here.) Always ask yourself - What information do I need? What do I need to do with the information? What are the questions that I have been asked that the data must answer?

The recommended columns are: Accounted Budget, Year to Date, Encumbrances, and Available Balance.

Once you have selected the ledger columns, click Continue.

The next screen that appears is the parameters screen which will further define the data that is to be retrieved. (Reference the Budget Office Website for the table that describes all the parameters, or click here.)

The following fields are required:

Fiscal Year - Choose the fiscal year you want the data from by selecting the year from the drop down menu.

Fiscal Period - Choose the period you want the data through by selecting the period from the drop down menu. Note the period information is all transactions through the particular period (cumulative/YTD through that period) chosen. It is not just the transactions of any particular period. Choosing Period 14 will always give you total YTD information.

Chart of Accounts = X

FOAP - Can be entered in the following ways:

Index - (Best Practice Method) Type in your fund or org number in the Index field. The fund, org and program code will appear in their respective fields. Using the Index requires only knowing one Fund or Org, whereas entering all of the Fund, Org and Program code would require you to know 15 characters.

If you know all 15 characters you can type in the Fund number, Type in the org number, and Type in the Program code.

The following screen appears with the Org, Fund, and Prog Code filled in. Take out the Prog Code and click Submit Query.

The first box provides a summary of the query criteria chosen:

The second box, query results, includes all of the totals by account that have had any activity as of the budget period and fiscal year requested along with their descriptions. The columns displayed reflect the information selected to view.

Column descriptions: (FYXX/PDXX indicates which Fiscal Year/Period was chosen to display)

  • Account - Data will be in account number order, lowest to highest.
  • Account Title - name of Account.
  • Accounted Budget - the Total Budget Includes original budget, permanent budget revisions and temporary revisions.
  • Year-To-Date - the Actual revenue and expenditures posted to your fund/org.
  • Encumbrances - funds set aside for salaries and purchase orders.
  • Available Balance - This number is only accurate for non-pooled accounts. You can not get an accurate available balance for your pooled accounts here.

If you chose other Operating Ledger Columns, click here to see the description of all the columns.

This screen will not show the true available balance for a fund/org because of pooling. Also, if a transaction is in suspense, it will not be reflected in the data on this form.

All financial information is grouped in summary format by account code. Users may obtain increasing levels of detail by "drilling down", that is by clicking on an item that is highlighted in blue.

For an example of the detail available, click on an amount (in blue) in the Year to Date column. This will list all the transactions that have occurred in this account code during the time period designated for the query. All transactions are listed sequentially by dates, the most recent transactions first.

Only fifteen transactions may be viewed at on time. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Next 15 to view any additional transactions.

Again you see the query criteria in the first box.

The second box lists the detail by Transaction Date, Activity Date, Document Code, Vendor/Transaction Description, Amount, and Rule Class Code/Journal Type.

To see a description of each column click here.

Select the individual Document Code (in blue ) to see more details related to the transaction.

The first part, "Select Document" describes the document type, Document Code associated with the transaction, Description of the transaction and the transaction date.

The second part, Accounting Information, details the FOAP(S) linked to the document, the amount, and the Rule Class Code/Journal Type.

The third part, "Related Documents" lists all other documents that are related to the detailed document code. For example, an invoice could have a Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Receiving Document, and Check Disbursement all associated with it.

Many of the individual documents are available for viewing. Click on any document highlighted in blue.

Depending on whether you click on a Purchase Order (begins with P) or an Invoice (begins with I) or a Journal Entry (J) determines what information is returned. To see the list of the fields displayed for each type of document click here. The form below shows an Invoice.

To view another query, click on "Back", and then on "Another Query" at the bottom of the page of the current query.