The X in Xavier is a powerful symbol. It represents how we empower every future Musketeer. And “All For One” is more than a tagline. It is a promise and an invitation.

We welcome students who believe in collaboration and think carefully about their future. What we provide are experiences and challenges grounded in our Jesuit educational and spiritual philosophy. As a community, we move forward, contributing to something bigger than ourselves.

Xavier’s continuing success builds on our foundation of Learning, Serving, Achieving, Together. A Musketeer never goes it alone.

Brand Pillars

Learning, Serving, Achieving, Together.

We Learn Together

Xavier faculty challenge students intellectually, provide experiential learning opportunities and take a genuine interest in their academic success. Students learn from each other inside and outside the classroom with support and guidance from peer and professional mentors.

We Serve Together

As members of a Jesuit university, we work together for the Greater Good. We hold each other responsible to treat all people with care and respect. Engaging in community service is a vital part of learning and fulfilling our mission to change the world together.

We Achieve Together

Students have freedom to explore who they are and who they want to become. Success is measured by outstanding results: such as graduation rates, professional school placement rates, internship opportunities and Xavier’s alumni network worldwide.

We Change the World Together

Xavier students are passionate. Students actively develop their ideals and thrive in a diverse and inclusive community. As our Student Commitment states: “We act with integrity, justice and generosity, and we will succeed in changing the world together.”

All for One Tagline

A tagline is the part of the brand that seals the promise at the end of the message. Xavier’s tagline, All for One, coined by Father Finn in 1925, draws from the legend of Xavier’s mascot, the Musketeer, and reflects the mission at the heart of the community of Xavier, where each individual cares for the whole, which in turn cares for each individual member.  It’s a message designed to last a lifetime.

All For One is the mission of every Musketeer.

Student Commitment

The commitment is a pledge by Xavier students to follow the Xavier mission during their time on campus and when they go into the world to be the people whom Xavier has prepared them to be. It is part of the promise that makes up the Xavier brand.

We are Xavier Musketeers.
We are unique individuals who come together in the spirit of St. Ignatius,
to learn together, to serve together
and we will succeed in changing the world together.
We act with integrity, justice and generosity.
All for one and one for all.