Biology offers four Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees, which includes these majors:

There are also four minors, as follows:

There is also a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Pre-Medical Studies available for those students not seeking a degree, but who want to prepare for admission to medical school.

  • Bacteriology Lab
    True or False: All bacteria are bad...

    To balance out the negative view of bacteria portrayed to the public, we use bacteria that make valuable products such as cheese, sauerkraut and root beer (which we also get to sample). Our students design small group research projects that allow them to apply their laboratory skills to an experimental question they propose themselves as they investigate the world of prokaryotic organisms.
  • Ecology Lab
    If you like spending long hours exploring in the great out doors, this is the course for you. The investigation of the hierarchical nature of ecology is the focus of this hands on lab, where students spend a great deal of time out of doors investigating local habitats such as Cincinnati forests preserves, natural and man made water systems, and long hikes in the woods.
  • Genetics Lab
    "Do you have a GLOWER?!" This question refers to the climax of the semester long project: to genetically alter or transform a non-glowing strain of E. coli to a glowing strain! We utilize current molecular biology techniques and guarantee that when you leave the course you will be a confident gene jockey!
  • Human Cadaver
    In this unique upper level course emphasizing the structure and function of the human body and the correlation to clinical disease processes, students have the rare opportunity to dissect human cadavers with instructor guidance and supervision and then demonstrate their dissections to other laboratory classes.