The department of biology is housed in Albers Hall, a three-story building renovated in 1992. It contains six teaching laboratories well-equipped with compound and stereoscopic microscopes, models and specimens. Specialized equipment is maintained for the study of vertebrate physiology, plant biology, development, anatomy, genetics, and bacteriology. An additional seven labs are devoted to research projects performed by faculty and student groups. Modern laboratory instrumentation includes computer data acquisition equipment and analysis software, fluorescence microscopes, a high speed centrifuge, an ELISA plate reader, several CO2 incubators and an inverted phase contrast microscope for tissue culture, laminar flow hoods, spectrophotometers, several microfuges, photodocumentation equipment, gel electrophoresis equipment, a PCR thermal cycler, and a DNA sequencer.

Contact Information

Dr. William Anyonge
Department of Biology
104 Albers
Phone 513 745-3752