Academic Mall

  • X Cash is a convenient and secure alternative to using  cash or credit/debit card on campus. The funds are protected in an online account that is accessible by using the ALL Card at the point of sale location.
  • X Cash is safer than carrying cash because it is tracked electronically.  If you lose your card, call our office or go online to put a hold on your account. The balance at the time the card is reported missing is then protected.
  • The X Cash account also ensures that your funds are available for your necessary expenditures including food, textbooks and document services as it is only accepted at a limited number of locations. 
  • X Cash does not expire at the end of a semester. Your account balance will carry over from semester-to-semester, year-to-year*.
  • * Note: Accounts that remain inactive for a period of 12 months or more will be closed and remaining balances will forfieted to the University.