Auxiliary Services

Meal Plan Exemption Form

This form is for student residents who fall under the requirement of the University governing meal plans and on-campus residency who would like to apply for an exemption from the Meal Plan. The University requires all students that live in residence halls to purchase a Meal Plan. This policy does not apply to those living in campus apartments with cooking facilities.

All Parts Of Application Must Be Completed: Questionnaire must be completed fully. Written essay must include details as to why you require an exemption. Include diagnosis and supporting documentation from your physician.  This information can be emailed to or Fax # 513-745-3369. Please Note: Applications are accepted until the 10th day of class of every fall and spring semester. Refunds will be prorated from the time the application is received for an exemption and are subject to a $25.00 administrative processing fee. All applications will be reviewed within 5-7 business days; you will be notified of any missing documentation. If approved a meal plan refund will be issued provided there is no outstanding balance on your bill, in accordance with Bursar Operations" policies. The refund schedule is prorated from the time the application is received to the end of the semester, not from the beginning of the semester whether or not any meals have been eaten. Reasons for exemption from the meal plan and the type of documentation that is required: Medical - One or more forms of documentation are required. Diagnosis: A letter on letterhead paper from a Medical Doctor (letters from chiropractors are not accepted) is required stating your medical diagnosis. In the event of food intolerance/allergies, the doctor must state specifically which food(s) you cannot consume and what the allergy reaction(s) are.