Auxiliary Services

Dining in Hoff

Hoff Dining Commons uses fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients, cooks from scratch, and menu’s seasonally. This year the dining team is proud to announce a new expanding menu, including more vegan and vegetarian options. Along with our Avoiding Gluten section catering to all allergens and dietary restrictions. 


When attaining a meal plan the hassle of always grocery shopping and cooking is taken away, giving you more time to study, participate in extracurriculars, and spend time with friends. Your meal plan gives you a VIP pass to countless Caf events and opportunities to make new friends and bond with current ones. 


The dining team is excited to bring back Caf classics and many new events for the 21-22 school year. Our DIY series events include sugar scrubs, candy apple creation, and dessert and pastry decoration. Our Food focused events like A Taste of Cincy, Tail Gate Dinner, Student Choice meals, and Chef’s Table’s will change up the menu weekly. Caf classics and new events like Down the Boardwalk, Oktoberfest, Halloweentown, and Cafs-Giving guarantee nights of food, friends, and fun. The amount of opportunities to create long lasting memories are endless when you choose a meal plan.


The Green To-Go Program allows for you to quickly grab a bite to eat while on the go between class, before club meetings, practice, or on your way home for the day. Our Green To-go Boxes eliminate the waste created by single use containers. Each reusable box is made out of BPA free recyclable plastic. To utilize this program simply ask for a Green To-Go Box or a carabiner when you swipe into the Caf using your All Card. Once your box is in hand you can fill it with as much food as you like. Upon your next visit return the Green Box for a new one or for a carabiner.* 


If you are thinking you might not use a large meal plan that’s okay! Here at Xavier we offer six different plans to ensure that no matter the appetite or lifestyle there is a meal plan for you. The Block 25 is great for those who grab an occasional bite to eat in the Caf, averaging about one or two meals a week. The 40 Block and 80 Block are great if you like to cook, only have classes a few days a week, or just eat lunch on campus. With the 40 Block students average two or three meals a week. The 80 Block gives you a five meals a week. Our 105 Block is ideal for those cooking just a few times a week, who love eating lunch on campus daily, and occasionally dinner. This plan on average provides six or seven a week. Of course everyone is welcome to choose between our two unlimited plans Xavier Blue, and Xavier Silver*. All of our plans include bonus dining dollars to any of our on campus retail dining locations and coffee shops. These include Burger 513, Fujisan, Currito, Victory Perk, and Starbucks.

At any point throughout the semester meal plans can be upgraded to any plan. Plans may only be downgraded through August 20th. 



Boxes and carabiners must be returned by the end of the semester.*

All students living in Buenger, Brockman, Husman, Justice, and Kuhlman must choose between Xavier Blue or Xavier Silver*