Auxiliary Services

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are a prepaid flexible spending account for food and beverage that is accessible through your One Pass or ALL Card. This account allows students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to make contactless dining purchases on campus without the inconvenience of carrying cash.

*Dining Dollars expire on the last day of each spring semester*

Where are Dining Dollars accepted?

Dining Dollars are accepted at the following locations:
  • All For One Shop at Gallagher Student Center
  • Bull Market
  • Burger 513
  • Currito
  • Ghost Kitchens
  • Hoff Dining Commons
  • Jersey Mikes
  • Pizza ATM
  • Starbucks
  • Victory Perk

How do I add funds to my Dining Dollars?

** Dining Dollars' value is dollar for dollar.  When adding additional Dining Dollars, make sure that the amount added can be used up within the academic school year or if added in Spring by the last day of that semester.