Auxiliary Services

Banking FAQ

Q. How can I deposit money into my U.S. Bank account without having a U.S. Bank in my hometown?

A. You could handle this several ways:

  1. Mail a deposit directly to the U.S. Bank branch on campus. Please DO NOT send cash. The address is:
    Xavier University - U.S. Bank
    Gallagher Center Room 260
    3800 Victory Parkway
    Cincinnati, OH 45207-2151
  2. Use DepositPoint - For a nominal fee*, you can now deposit checks remotely from your computer's scanner or your smartphone (iOS and Android platforms).
  3. Submit a wire transfer through your current hometown bank.

Q. How can I monitor my account?

A. You can access your account several different ways:

  1. Account Alerts - Received by text or email these alerts allow you to stay informed on your terms. Choose from alerts such as payments received or deposits made, low balance warnings and even security alerts, all designed to help you stay on top of your account.
  2. Text Banking - Allows you real-time account balance and payment options from your mobile device. Checking your balance can be as simple as texting BAL to 872265.
  3. U.S. Bank Online Banking - Ensures that you have access to account information all in one place, and can make transfers, payment and even pay bills online.
  4. U.S. Bank Mobile Banking - Gives you access from your smartphone browser or through the mobile app for iOS, Android or Blackberry. You can check balances, make payment, pay bills and more, all from the convenience of your phone.
  5. 1-800-US BANKS (1-800-872-2657) our Customer Service line which is automated and staffed by representatives, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whichever you prefer.

Q. How do I avoid an "Oops" Moment?

A. Even the most well-intentioned young adults can find themselves in a financial predicament. Help your child avoid an "oops" moment by discussing the following tips.

  1. Be on the lookout for non-network ATMs. - As a U.S Bank customer, with a U.S. Bank ATM you will not be charged a fee to withdraw money. Furthermore, with a U.S. Bank Student Checking Account , you get 4 free non-U.S. Bank ATM transactions per statement cycle. A good rule of thumb is to always stop to consider whether or not there will be charges before you use an non-network ATM.
  2. Don't spend more than you have - It sounds simple, but even parents know it's not always that easy. Before you spend on your check card, or make a payment, be aware of your balance beforehand, and understand the difference between account balance and available balance. Use the online tools available to manage your account. If you spend more than you have, you will encounter unexpected overdraft fees.
  3. Use the U.S. Bank account management tools - Make it a daily habit to check your balance. Do balance checks from your computer with Online Banking, or from your smartphone with the U.S. Bank mobile app. It is the same login ID and password for both, making it simple for you to check in at anytime.
  4. Understand Overdraft coverage - There are choices regarding overdraft protection for ATM and check card transactions, and your student will be asked which choice is preferred. There are pros and cons for each choice, so ask questions and discuss those options.

Q. What is the U.S Bank fee structure?

A. Please use the Simple Snaphot link for a one page overview of the most commons fees and policies related to each account.

Q. Are there U.S. Bank ATM's on campus and where are they located?

A. Yes, there are 4. Gallagher Student Center, Justice Hall Atrium, Smith Hall and outside Kuhlman Hall.

Q. If there are no local U.S. Bank branches located in my city, how can I open an account for my student?

A. You can open an account either by coming into the Xavier University U.S. Bank branch, located in the Gallagher Student Center, or you can go on-line and open an account. Just click on the link below, then clink on the hyper link that says, "Apply for a free U.S. Bank student checking account."
Student Checking Account

Q. What information do I need to bring to the branch when I make a transaction?

A. When you make any U.S. Bank transaction, we will need your U.S. Bank account number and a government issued I.D. (Driver's License, State I.D., or Passport). We cannot locate your account information using your ALL Card or student identification number and most cash transactions require us to verify your identity. If you are making a deposit or withdrawal transaction, please use a deposit or withdrawal slip available in the branch.

If you have any other questions that are not on this list, please feel free to contact our office on campus at
(513) 745-3798 Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

* Check with your mobile provider to ensure your service supports this option at no charge.