X Cash is a prepaid flexible spending account that is accessible through the ALL Card. This account allows students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to make convenient and secure purchases on and off campus without the inconvenience of carrying cash.

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X Cash On-Campus Kiosk Locations

Accepts Cash, Visa, and MasterCard

Gallagher Student Center - 1st Floor Atrium near Coffee Emporium

Fenwick Place - Mezzanine Level

Fenwick Place - 1st Floor near Currito



What is X Cash?
X Cash is a convenient and secure alternative to using cash or credit/debit card on campus. Your funds are protected in an online account accessible by using the ALL Card at the point of sale location.


Why use X Cash?
  • X Cash is safer than carrying cash due to electronic tracking. If you lose your card, deactivate your account online here and call our office to place a hold. The balance at the time the card is reported missing is protected.
  • X Cash ensures that your funds are available for your necessary expenditures including food, textbooks, and any document services over your print account fund. X Cash is the only form of payment accepted for laundry and visitor parking passes.
  • X Cash does not expire at the end of a semester. Your account balance will carry over from semester-to-semester, year-to-year*.
    • * Note: Accounts that remain inactive for 12 months or more will close, and remaining balances will be forfeited to the University.


Where is X Cash accepted?
X Cash is accepted at the following locations:
Xavier University Bookstore
Xavier University Mail Center
On-campus laundry facilities
Pepsi, snack, and coffee vending machines
Hoff Dining Commons
Cintas Center Concessions
McDonald Library
Starbucks (University Station location only)
Currito (Xavier location only)
Pizza ATM
10 Off-campus locations


How do I set up an X Cash account?
  • Web Deposit: Click here to deposit X Cash. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Gallagher Student Center kiosk (1st floor) and Fenwick Place kiosks (Mezzanine Level and near Currito): Use the self-service kiosk in the Gallagher Center or Fenwick Place. Cash, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Walk-in: Make payment by check or PIN-based debit card at the ConneX All Card Center located in Fenwick Place, Mezzanine Level.
  • Phone in: call us directly at (513) 745-3374, or toll-free at 1- (800) 344-GOXU, and ask the operator for x-3374. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.


How much X Cash will I need?
That depends on the individual and how they plan on using the account. Outlined below is what the average Resident and Commuter student spends on campus:
Resident Student, Per Semester
  • $500 for books (math and science textbooks may be more)
  • $200 for food, snack, and drinks
  • $75 for miscellaneous expenses
  • $775 per semester
Non-Resident or Commuter Student, Per Semester
  • $500 for books (math and science textbooks may be more)
  • $400 for food, snacks, and drinks
  • $50 for miscellaneous expenses
  • $950 per semester



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