The ALL Card Center welcomes you! The ALL Card is the official form of identification for the Xavier University community. However, it is much more:

  • The ALL Card is a multi-functioning campus card. In addition to serving as a form of identification to access University facilities, the ALL Card serves as a stored value campus debit card for purchases at most on-campus vending machines and retail operations, as well as some off campus merchants.
  • The ALL Card can also function as a full service U.S. Bank ATM card and PIN-based Debit Card.
  • The ALL Card is also used as the door key for campus residents to access their specific residence halls.

The mission of the ALL Card Center is to continue to improve on the quality and convenience of campus life. Convenience, simplicity, security... one card does it ALL! If there is anything our staff can assist you with please don't hesitate to ask.

Contact ALL Card Center

Phone: 513-745-3374
Fax: 513-745-3369


Building: Fenwick Place, Musketeer Mezzanine
ML: 3341