The Xavier Technology Committee (XTC) provides information-gathering, analysis and recommendations on a wide range of educational technologies. The Xavier Technology Committee advises with regard to the broad-based planning that integrates the academic and administrative technology needs of the University. The committee provides guidance in matters of budgeting for technology to the University community.

The committee's deliberations are conducted and their recommendations made within the context of the University's academic and administrative needs parallel with its strategic plan. As part of this responsibility the Xavier Technology Committee will:

  1. Receive and evaluate recommendations from academic and administrative departments that encourage the use of academic technology, enhance the appropriate use of technologies, and promote efficient services campus wide.
  2. Evaluate proposed initiatives to ensure optimal benefits from resources allocated to technology at the University.
  3. Review and recommend University-wide policies related to the utilization and implementation of information technology resources.
  4. Research and discuss current and emerging trends in teaching/learning, academic research and instructional technologies, by scanning the higher education landscape to identify the pedagogical innovations and associated technologies that may have university applications.
  5. Work with the Center for Teaching Excellence to develop pilot projects and experimental opportunities for faculty and staff to evaluate new pedagogical methods and emerging technologies.
  6. Investigate methodologies and instruments to analyze the effectiveness of Xavier technologies.


The membership consists of a minimum of four faculty members, at least one from each College, elected by the Faculty Assembly; a Professional Librarian; the Executive Director for Infrastructure and Technology Services; the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, the Associate Provost for Student Affairs and The Associate Provost and CIO for Information Technologies. The Associate Provost and CIO for Information Technologies and a faculty member elected by the committee serve as co-chairs.


The committee sends its reports to the Provost/Chief Academic Officer, the UPRC, and Faculty Committee through an appointed liaison.