The Academic Assessment and Planning Committee:

  1. Deliberates and makes recommendations to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs on Academic Affairs' assessment goals, objectives and projects.
    1. Recommends major survey projects.
    2. Recommends outcomes measures to be monitored for division-wide assessment projects.
    3. Recommends targets to reach on measures monitored.
    4. Makes recommendations concerning the allocation of assessment budget to special projects or studies.
  2. Makes recommendations to the appropriate administrators for improvements in existing processes and practices in areas not making progress toward an ongoing assessment and planning process.
  3. Makes recommendations to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs concerning faculty and staff development activities helpful to achieving a systematic, ongoing assessment and planning process.
  4. Reviews and makes recommendations concerning the appropriate dissemination of assessment activities and results to ensure and facilitate the use of the information in planning and resource allocation.
  5. Monitors the Division of Academic Affairs' progress in linking assessment, planning, and resource allocation.
    1. Receives annual reports from the Deans and Associate Provost for Academic Affairs on planning initiatives.
    2. Reviews annual reports from departments on assessment activities for degree programs.
    3. Receives and reviews assessment results from the Office of Institutional Research.
    4. Reviews recommendations from the Board of Undergraduate Studies regarding assessment of the core curriculum.
  6. Reports annually to the Academic Vice President and the Faculty Committee concerning progress in the assessment initiative. Draws attention to breakdowns in the assessment, planning and resource allocation process.