This mini-grant program has been created to support the efforts of academic programs to measure and improve student learning. For category 1, applications will be accepted and grants awarded on an on-going basis as long as funds are available. For all other categories, applications will be accepted twice per year, Monday, April 11th and a date in the fall TBD. More than one request can be submitted during a funding cycle.

Grant funds should support efforts that otherwise could not be conducted with existing resources. Requests are encouraged for new efforts to put in place systems that can be replicated in future years without ongoing funding. Grant funds may be requested for the following types of efforts:

CATEGORY 1: Department-/program-level conversations
Funds may be requested to foster conversations around measuring and improving student learning. Expenses may include food and materials for a series of meetings or a retreat during which program-level assessment is advanced, for example, rubrics are developed, examples of student work are evaluated and discussed, student response measures such as senior surveys or exit interviews are created, assessment results are analyzed and shared, and action plans for improving student learning are developed. Request limit: $500.

CATEGORY 2: Education
Funds may support the purchase of assessment resources (e.g., publications or software) or attendance at assessment-related conferences, provided that these expenditures have an impact on the program and not just an individual faculty member (e.g. faculty member attends conference and provides a report back to the department following the conference). Request limit: $1,000 (or $1,800 for a program team to attend a conference).

CATEGORY 3: Evaluation of student work
Funds may support stipends or honoraria for faculty or external experts to evaluate student work products (e.g., portfolios, senior research presentations, capstone experiences). Note: stipends will not typically be considered for faculty within a department to look at their own students? work or small samples of student work. Requests that include faculty stipends should concern larger-scale, program-wide or core curriculum improvement. Request limit: $2,000 (individual stipend limit: $500).

CATEGORY 4: Analysis of assessment data
For programs that have existing assessment data on student learning from multiple years or multiple sources, mini-grant funds can support stipends for data analysis by an internal expert or faculty member with appropriate expertise. The analysis should lead to concrete recommendations on improving student learning at the program level. Request limit: $1,000.

Requests to fund activities not specified above will be considered if they meet the program's objective.

Grant Applications (no more than 2 pages, single-spaced) should include the following:

  1. Title for assessment project or activity
  2. Academic department/program name
  3. Faculty member(s) responsible for the proposed assessment efforts
  4. Category of request
  5. Description of proposed project or activity. This should include project funding category (see above), a description of the project's activities and a timeline for completion.
    Note: Category 1 projects can begin as soon as funding is approved. All other category projects should begin between June 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.
  6. Statement of how the proposed efforts will lead to improved measurement and improvement of student learning at the program level.
  7. Budget including description of expenses (e.g., titles for conferences or resources, stipend recipients). Note: stipends for Xavier faculty must include 10% factored in for fringe benefits.
  8. Statement of support from the department chair or program director.

Applications should be submitted via email to Mary Kochlefl, executive director for grants and academic assessment and planning, at Category 1 applications will be reviewed by Mary Kochlefl and Tammy Kahrig. Funding decisions for all other categories will be made by the Academic Assessment and Planning Committee.

Grant Report:

Reports must be submitted for funded projects within two months of project completion. The grant report must include:

  • A summary of the results of the funded project or activity, including its impact on student learning.
  • List of actual expenditures.
  • A statement of reflection on the project or activity's success.

Disbursement of Grant Funds:

Funds awarded for the purchase of goods and materials will be disbursed upon submission of receipts, or the goods and materials will be purchased for you upon request. Stipends for Xavier faculty will be disbursed upon submission of the grant report (this does not apply to honoraria for external experts).

If you have questions or need assistance in completing your grant application, please contact Mary Kochlefl executive director for grants and academic assessment and planning at or ext. 4279.