Please take some time to create a plan for your Xavier Alumni Chapter. Please identify events and other programs/initiatives you plan to organize.

This plan will be for the upcoming fiscal year. Please refer to the University Event Timeline for a list of possible events related to campus activities. Xavier's fiscal year runs from July 1-June 30. This fiscal year plan is for FY18 (July 1-June 30, 2018). Please have your plan submitted by June 1, 2017. Once you submit this form, you will receive an electronic copy to keep for your records.

General Information


Chapter Event Planning

Chapter events include events that need minimal to no financial support from the University and are organized by the chapter president or designated person in the chapter leadership group. Please identify all events that your chapter will organize, with a minimum of 3 and 1 of those being a service project. Event types include social, family oriented, service oriented, or professional. If funding is needed, please discuss prior to finalizing event details. Leverage events already taking place in your area, such as college day at the zoo, wine tastings, or even a new restaurant opening.

Examples include: Communion Sunday – family; Participate in Community Action Day (in conjunction with campus) - Service Project; Day at the Races at Churchill Downs – social; Basketball Pre-Game Reception (for those in areas where the team will visit – schedule pending); Basketball Watch Parties for designated games including Crosstown Shootout.



Comment or other goals for you as a chapter leader that you would like to document:

Examples include host an event every other month, increase young alumni participation, or increase professional networking opportunities.



List of current volunteers or chapter leadership members that you have identified to work with you to organize events:


Other Information

Below are initiatives important to the University related to Alumni engagement/volunteer programs, recruiting efforts and fundraising efforts, of which as chapter president you are asked to promote amongst your chapter network:

Other initiatives or plans for your chapter: While the above are events and programs that chapters must participate in, please know that we want you to be creative when it comes to your chapter and your area. Chapter Networks are different across the US and we want to encourage you to incorporate things that would work best for your chapter audience.

Signature Event Planning:

In some cases, the University may identify areas for larger University sponsored events.  In that scenario, chapter presidents will be notified and asked to help with planning and marketing efforts.  Examples include X on the Road events that feature Xavier Leadership, Deans, faculty, etc.

Recruiting Efforts:

Include events in collaboration with the Admissions Representative in your area, promoting and participating in Enrollment Ambassadors, and working with Admissions Representatives on any other recruiting activities.  Below are possible opportunities to collaborate with the Admissions Office.

  1. Freshmen Send-Off Party – hosted in July or early August.  Admissions office will guide efforts in top areas, but all chapter presidents are encouraged to participate even if the Admissions Office is not organizing one for your specific area.  Please discuss with Alumni Office before moving forward.
  2. Volunteer for the Enrollment Ambassadors Program and recruit 2-3 alums or parents from your chapter to participate (current program format is subject to change).
  3. When organizing alumni chapter events, if you think it would be beneficial to have prospective students attend, please connect with the Admissions Counselor in your area to discuss further.

Fundraising Efforts:

Below are the ways Chapter Presidents should get involved in giving to the University and promote supporting the University to the chapter network.

  1. 100% participation in donating to the University by June 30, 2018 (fiscal year end).
  2. Make a gift during March Gladness (48 hour giving campaign), promote among your chapter network through events and communications and recruit 3-4 others to make a donation during March Gladness. 
    1. Share to your social media network, host networking events during the 48 hour giving campaign
  3. Assist the University in identifying potential donors to the 1831 Society or special projects that are part of the University campaign.

Alumni Volunteer/Participation:

Help to increase involvement in your area of University programs such as Mentoring, Internship Recruiting, job opportunities and networking.

  1. Recruit 1-2 alums to participate in the mentoring program
  2. Identify 1-2 alums who work at businesses or organizations that hire interns or are looking to hire Xavier graduates
  3. Facilitate networking within your chapter network either through events or connecting new alums in your area with established members.
    1. Includes one on one visits, discussions or introductions of alums who reach out to alumni office looking for a network to tap into

Alumni Chapter Leadership Team Development: 

It is important that you identify ways to build or strengthen your alumni leadership team.  Below are ways to build a team around you and to plan for a successor to your leadership role

  1. Build a leadership team or committee to assist with event planning, communications, and other chapter initiatives.
  2. Start to make contacts within the chapter network to identify candidates for future leadership. Should be someone on your leadership team

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