16 FEBRUARY 2009


Approved by the Association Senate, these shall be the by-laws of the Xavier Alliance. These by-laws will replace all prior legislative code for the Xavier Alliance. They shall be effective seven days after being agreed to by the Senate and the President of the Student Government Association. It may be amended by the same procedure.


Article I.                   Mission and Membership


Section 1.01        Mission

The Xavier Alliance (hereinafter the Club) is established to:

  1. Provide a safe place for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions to meet.
  2. Offer opportunities to learn, teach and discuss the challenges surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity within the Jesuit ideal of being a person for others.

Build community spirit, mutual understanding and support for all.


Section 1.02        Membership

Any student may become a member by attending a general meeting. Membership begins at the conclusion of the first meeting attended. Members may gain voting privileges by attending three meetings in a semester. Voting privileges are maintained by attending three meetings in each consecutive semester by the conclusion of the semester.

The term of a member without voting privileges is the academic year in which they become a member. Members with valid voting privileges at the conclusion of the spring semester are granted membership for the following academic year provided they continue as a student of the University.

Decisions will be made by a simple majority of a quorum (define as one-third of voting members). The President may vote only in the event of a tie. The Executive may decide unanimously to withhold quorum requirements. Votes may be conducted at a general meeting where members must be present to vote or through mail where members are given a deadline of at least three days to vote.


Article II.                The Executive

The Executive Board of the Xavier Alliance shall be made up of four officers; the Chief of Education, Chief of Social Activities, Chief of Communication, and Chief of the Treasury and Campus Representative. As a group, these members have both specific duties and responsibilities to the Alliance and its membership and communal duties and responsibilities, which they must work together to achieve when necessary.


Section 2.01          The Chief of Education:

  • Oversee the planning of educational events and speakers sponsored by the Xavier Alliance.
  • Be present at club meetings to relay news and information to the members.
  • Work collaboratively with the Chief of Communications for event announcements
  • In planning events, work collaboratively with the board and treasury to plan event dates and allot funds for sed events.


Section 2.02         The Chief of Social Activities:

  • Oversee the planning of social events based on entertainment for the Alliance and Xavier Community.
  • Be present at club meetings to relay news and information to the members.
  • Work collaboratively with the Chief of Communications for event announcements
  • In planning events, work collaboratively with the board and treasury to plan event dates and allot funds for sed events.


Section 2.03        The Chief of Communications:

  • Oversee posting signs for the Alliance and Alliance Events.
  • Oversee Alliance e-mail.
  • Oversee web-development and MyXU Portal group pages.
  • Network with other LGBTQ groups at local colleges and universities as well as community organizations.
  • Send out press releases and advertising of the Alliance and Alliance events to the Xavier community and the Cincinnati Region.
  • Work Collaboratively with the Chiefs of Education and Social Activities for the signing and advertising of events and special notices.


Section 2.04       The Chief of Treasury and Campus Representative:

  • Head the Alliance General Meetings.
  • Oversee and keep accurate records of the Alliance?s financial affairs and funding of activities.
  • Propose the budget for the following school year.
  • Represent the Alliance to the Student Government Association, Student Activities Council, and the Xavier community in general.
  • Represent the Xavier Alliance in the Cincinnati Region.


Section 2.05       Communal Duties and Responsibilities of the Board:

  • Fund raise for the Alliance
  • Collaborate to plan large events for the Alliance.
  • Collaborate to keep a well-balanced schedule of events which will make a definitive presence of the Alliance on campus and in the community.
  • Involve members of the Alliance whenever possible.


Section 2.06         Along with the Board Members, the executive can also staff a          
                             secretary when possible and necessary. The Secretary shall have
                             the following responsibilities:

  • Keep notes of all Alliance meetings
  • Work Collaboratively with web-developers to keep up-to-date notes, news, and information posted on the Alliance website and portal group.
  • Maintain those Alliance documents and records other than financial records.


Section 2.07        Removal from Office

With the agreement of two-thirds of the voting membership a member may be removed from the Executive. Any officer of the Club may resign by indicating the intention to do so in writing to the President and Advisor. Such resignation shall take effect two weeks from the date of the notice of resignation. In the event of a vacancy of any office the remaining voting members of the Club shall elect a new officer.


Article III.             Meetings

The Club shall conduct general meetings at least one every two weeks in which classes are in session. Everyone is welcome at meetings. Those present at meetings shall agree orally or in writing to the following for each academic year:

1.  Meetings and discussion are confidential ? names of group members and anything said within the meetings to remain with the confines of the space.

2.  All people present participate as equal.

3.  People present are not obligated to declare or define their sexual orientation. No assumptions are to be made regarding the sexual orientation of those present at any club sponsored activity or anybody associated with the club.

The Executive shall meet at the call of the President or a two-thirds majority of the Executive.


Article IV.             Policies & Procedures

The Club may maintain a policies and procedures to govern and guide Club members in Club operations.