Reporting Procedures

Harassment of a Student by a Xavier Employee
(Sexual, Racial, Sexual Orientation, Disabilities, Religious, etc.)

  1. Student (or any one she/he tells) should call the Xavier Advocate Hotline for an advocate at 513 872-9259 and identify yourself as being from Xavier.
  2. The Hotline will take the information and an advocate will call the student by the next business day.
  3. The advocate will set up an appointment with human resources within three (3) business days to hear the complaint. The advocate will attend the meeting with the student and support she/he throughout the total process.
  4. At the meeting with human resources, all of the official options that the student has will be explained.
  5. If the student wants a formal or informal procedure to be initiated, human resources will meet with the employee who has been charged with harassment within 10 days of taking the complaint. The student will be notified when this meeting will take place.
  6. Human resources will notify the student of the outcome of the complaint.

Please note:

There should be no contact with the student by the employee without an official of Xavier University present. Any form of retaliation will not be tolerated--action will be taken.

The above information is also available in a flow chart.