Advocate Program Overview

Gender-Based Violence Prevention


Xavier University will recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October and Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. If you're interested in learning more about these events or would like to know how you can support, please contact:

Maria Merrill, Assistant Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion 513-745-1029

Susan Pelle, Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator, Center for Diversity and Inclusion 513-745-2866


BRAVE {Believe|Reclaim|Advocate|Vocalize|Empower} Peer Education Program is a new initiative in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, sponsored by Xavier University Women of Excellence, which aims to prevent gender-based violence. BRAVE Peer Educators facilitate gender-based violence prevention workshops, support gender-based violence awareness efforts, and help promote survivor support services throughout the academic year.

BRAVE Call to Action:

"In order to effectively address gender-based violence in our community, we must be brave. We must listen to the voices of survivors. We must stand in solidarity and advocate for a safe and just community for individuals of all identities. It is Xavier's vision that together, with our collective strength and courage, we can be brave and end violence in our community."

Brave Peer Educator Confidentiality:

Brave Peer Educators are a confidential resource and will NOT share personal identifiable information with the University without the student's consent. Date, location, and nature of the incident will be shared with Xavier's Clery Coordinator in order to allow XU to have a more accurate understanding of these issues, and to help XU design and implement effective gender-based violence prevention and response. Sharing information with Brave Peer Educators do NOT serve as making a report to the University. If you are interested in making a report, the Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator can assist you in doing so.

Some BRAVE Peer Educators have other roles on campus (RA, Xavier Peer Mentor, Manresa Leader, Interlink Peer Mentor, GSC desk worker, OCS desk worker, Intramural Sports Manager) that may require them to report to the Title IX Office information they receive about gender-based violence in some circumstances. BRAVE Peer Educators will share their ability to keep information shared confidential with students proactively when facilitating BRAVE workshops to promote students' abilities to make informed decisions about information-sharing.

If you are interested in learning more about {BRAVE} or would like to request a workshop for fall or spring semester, please contact Susan Pelle, Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator, at or 513-745-2866.