Assault of a Student by a Student - (Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, Stalking)

  1. Student (or any one she/he tells) should call the Xavier Advocate Hotline at 513 872-9259 and identify yourself as being from Xavier.
  2. An advocate will respond immediately at an arranged meeting place. She will offer crisis counseling, reporting options, and support throughout the process.
  3. With any sexual assault or physical violence the victim will be encouraged to have a Forensic Exam at University Hospital (most effective within 72 hours of a sexual assault). This does not mean that you are going to bring legal charges, but if you decide to at a later date, the results of the exam will be beneficial to your case. All injuries should be treated immediately. The advocate will accompany you throughout the process.
  4. The victim may file a report with the Xavier Campus Police, Norwood or Cincinnati City Police and/or to the assistant vice president for student life. The victim may decide not to make any formal report. It is important to know that the filing of a report does not mean that you are necessarily bringing formal charges at this time; however, it does mean that you have left your options open and may file internal and/or external charges at a later date.
  5. An investigation occurs and according to the decision made by the student, the case may go forward to criminal court and/or to the University Discipline Board hearing.
  6. The University Discipline Board imposes sanctions if responder is found responsible.
  7. Any appeal is heard by the vice president for student development.

The above information is also available in a flow chart.