Information Technology Minor

Required Courses

6 credit hours:

  • Management of Information Technology (INFO 220)
  • Database Modeling and Management (INFO 358)
  • Electives

9 credit hours (choose three courses):

  • Global Information Systems
  • Hardware/Software Overview
  • Web Site Development
  • Visual Basic
  • Problem Solving with Excel
  • Modern Programming Techniques
  • Telecommunication/Networking
  • Contemporary MIS Issues
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Systems Analysis and Design Courses
  • One course with a significant IT content may be used to satisfy an elective with approval from the IS Department. (E.g. ACCT 495, FINC 485, CSCI Courses, or INFO Co-op)
  • A 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in these courses.
Certificate in Information Technology

A certificate in information technology is designed for students who are not pursuing a degree, but wish to continue their education by getting a certificate in the study of information systems. Requirements are identical to those of the IT Minor: 15 credit hours, including INFO 200 or its equivalent, INFO 358, and nine hours of information systems electives. A 2.00 cumulative average must be attained in these courses.