College of Social Sciences, Health, and Education

Departments Chairs/Faculty Advisors

(location, phone #)
Criminal Justice Dr. Gail Hurst
151 Cohen (x1070)   
Athletic Training Dr. Tina Davlin-Pater 
Fieldhouse, 2nd floor (x3430)  
Early & Middle Childhood Education Dr. Cindy Geer
301 Hailstones (x3701)   
Montessori Education Dr. Gina Lofquist
301 Joseph (x1072)  
Secondary Education Dr. Michael Flick  
198 Cohen (x3225)   
Special Education

Dr. Sharom Merrill    
188 Cohen (x1708)

Teaching Science Dr. Michael Flick
198 Cohen (x3225) 
Sport Management Dr. Doug Olberding 
Fieldhouse, 2nd floor (x1085)  
Sport Marketing

Dr. Doug Olberding 
Fieldhouse, 2nd floor (x1085)  

Health Services Administration Dr. Frederick Browne
406 Schott (x3392)   
Nursing Dr. Susan Schmidt
120 Cohen (x3815)
Occupational Therapy

(BLA with human occupation studies concentration)
Dr. Carol Scheerer 
41 Cohen (x3310)   


Dr. Karl Stukenberg
102 Elet (x1041)   

Radiologic Technology

Mrs. Donna Endicott
188 E Cohen (x3358)

Social Work Dr. Margo Heydt                 156 Cohen (x3244)