College of Arts and Sciences

Departments Chairs/Faculty Advisors
(location, phone #)
Art and Art Education Mr. Kelly Phelps
169 Cohen Center  (X3200)
Biology and Natural Sciences
Pre-Dentistry & Pre-Medicine
Dr. William Anyonge
104B Albers, (x3752)
Applied Biology Dr. George Farnsworth, (x2062)
Medical Technology Dr. Jennifer Robbins, (x3623)
Pre-Professional Health Ms. Kara Rettig-Pfingstag
105B Albers, (x3691)
Chemistry and Pre-Pharmacy Ms. Barbara Hopkins
103A Logan (x2063)
Classics and Classical
Humanities & Modern Languages
Dr. Shannon Byrne
904 Schott, (x3456)
Communication Arts Dr.Gwynneth Mellinger
314 Schott (x2950)


Dr. David Yi
328 Smith Hall (x2933)
English Dr. Graley Herren
235 Hinkle (x2877)
History Dr. Karim Tiro
511 Schott (x2039) 
International Studies Dr. John Ray
804 Schott (x4906)
Liberal Arts Adult Weekend & Evening
Mathematics / Computer Science Dr. Liz Johnson
109 Hinkle (x3667)
French Mrs. Margaret McDiarmid
907 Schott (x3406)
German Dr. Irene Luken
910 Schott (x3549)
Spanish Mrs. Maria Goddard
908 Schott (x3542)
Music and Music Education Dr. Morten Kristiansen
Edgecliff Hall (x1015)
Philosophy Dr. Richard Polt
204 Hinkle (x2885)


Dr. Marco Fatuzzo
110 Lindner (x3621)
Political Science Dr. Mack Mariani
710 Schott (x2044)
Sociology Dr. Kandi Stinson
804 Schott (x4236)

Dr. Sarah Melcher
117 Hinkle (x2043)