Exploratory students and Biology/Biomedical Sciences freshmen are advised by academic advisors in the Student Success Center. To contact your academic advisor, call your advisor's office directly. 

If you have declared a major (excluding Biology/Biomedical Sciences freshmen) you are advised by an advisor in that department. To find your academic advisor, access student services button on Student Hub follow these steps:

  1. Click "Student Services" and log in
  2. Click "Academic Records/Registration Information"
  3. Click "View Student Advisor Information"


  1. Log in to Road Thru Xavier
  2. Click the "Contacts" tile


Academic Advisors (location, phone #)

Biology Freshmen

Becki Bleikamp, CLC 530 (x3506) bleikampr@xavier.edu


Exploratory Freshmen and Sophomores

Mollie Labeda, CLC 513 (x3294) labedam@xavier.edu

Jessie Arnold, CLC 510A (x1916) arnoldj6@xavier.edu


Varsity Athletes

(also, see department advisors if they have declared a major)

Angela N. Wyss, Director, (x3708) Cintas 2nd fl. wyssa@xavier.edu

Christopher Barbour, Asst. Director (x3778) Cintas 2nd fl. barbourc@xavier.edu

Kirby Boehm (x3115) Cintas 2nd fl. boehmk1@xavier.edu 


APEX Students

Tricia Meyer, CLC 501 (x-1996) meyerp@xavier.edu