Mission Statement

TEDxXavierUniversity is a student-led, collaborative experience that inspires innovative thinking, moving others to purposeful action.

History: Then and Now

On January 21, 2012, Lyden Foust received one of the first TEDx licenses awarded to a college student.  The date was set for April 26th, 2012 with the theme of "Touching the hearts and minds of others through Innovation, Service, and Leadership." The following 96 days were jam packed with planning, fundraising, marketing, speaker preparation, and logistical details.  The result was nothing short of outstanding.  

300 people gathered that Thursday to hear our nine speakers and two performance groups on the TEDxXavierUniversity stage.  Over fifteen clubs and academic administrations collaborated on website development, marketing, registration, logistics, and raised over $12,000.  The talks were professionally recorded and placed on TEDx's official YouTube page; one of our speakers, Todd Henry, had his talk globally featured on the TEDx network.  The talks have amassed over 24,000 views around the world.  Click the following links for more on the 2012 speakers and to watch the talks.

After the first successful TEDx event, we received a license to hold the event again in 2013. The event was held on Wednesday April 17th in the Cintas Banquet Center at Xavier University and had the theme "Igniting Passion, Inspiring Minds." Click the following links for more on the 2013 speakers and to watch the talks or go to the "past events" tab on the left hand side of the navigation bar.

In 2014, we again secured the acclaimed TEDx license.  The theme was "Conflict & Violence: An exploration of their causes, prominence, and the unexpected roles they play in our lives." The event was held in the Kennedy Auditorium of the Connaton Learning Commons, a brand new, state-of-the-art building on Xavier's campus on April 11, 2014. Click the following links to learn more about our speakers and watch the talks from the 2014 event. 

For 2015, we once again have the privilege of hosting TEDx on Xavier University's campus. Our theme for 2015 was “Hope: a Driving Force into the Future,” which explored the springboard for change that is hope. The event was held in Kennedy Auditorium in the Conaton Learning Commons on April 15, 2015.

After receiving the license to hold a TEDx event in 2016, TEDxXavierUniversity worked to inspire conversations around the theme, “Decoding Deception.” The event was held in Kennedy Auditorium in the Conaton Learning Commons on April 14th, 2016. Please connect with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on TEDxXavierUniversity 2017.

Group Awards

Women of Excellence Grant - 2017

Women of Excellence Grant - 2016

Innovative Program Award - 2013

This award is presented to a recognized organization that created a unique and successful program during the 2012-2013 academic year that engaged the campus through their distinctive event. 

All for One, One for All Award - 2012

This award is presented to a student organization that took advantage of opportunities and proactively reached out to collaborate with other organizations and/or campus offices on programs and events. This organization impacted the Xavier campus as well as the community and encouraged students to get involved.

Individual Awards

Junior Member of the Year: Genevieve Hager - 2013

This award is presented to a junior member of an organization who has shown strong commitment and dedication throughout his/her time at Xavier. This student has been instrumental in building community and helping an organization to achieve its goals.

Unsung Hero Award: Kristen Kennedy - 2013

This award is presented to a student who is always hard at work for his/her organization. This student may not be the most vocal or visible member, and may not hold a leadership position, but he/she is deeply dedicated and embodies the core values of the University through assistance in programming that will leave a lasting legacy.

Advisor of the Year: Dr. Assudani - 2013

This award is given to an advisor who creates a supportive environment for the students within the organization. This person embodies the ideals of our Jesuit heritage by encouraging the organization's members to grow, learn, develop, mature, and think critically.

Sophomore Member of the Year: Sean Kallmeyer - 2012

This award is presented to a sophomore member of an organization who has positively influenced the organization, has developed effective skills in inclusive leadership and teamwork, and participates fully in campus life.