Delta Sigma Pi is not merely a college fraternity for STUDENTS of business administration; it is a Fraternity of BUSINESS PEOPLE stretching beyond the halls of college. More than 50 alumni chapters and even more alumni group contacts of Delta Sigma Pi exist around the globe. In each you will find a similar group with common business interests ? associated who perpetuate the principles learned in your collegiate chapter. These people, however, are not just learning the trade. They are practicing it just as you will after graduation.

Membership in Delta Sigma Pi is for life. The benefits of membership will extend well beyond your college years. As an international fraternity with a long history, alumni involvement includes the opportunity for meeting, learning, and sharing information with people in all types of professions and in all stages of their careers.

There are many ways to be an active alumnus, whether your contributions are on a local or national level, or to the Leadership Foundation. On a local level, you could assist by attending activities such as initiation or a recruiting event. You could also locate or serve as a speaker for a professional event. You could attend local or national events such as a LEAD School or Provincial Conference, or a Grand Chapter Congress. Additionally, your Regional Vice President or other national officers in your area may need assistance. A phone call or email to one of these individuals can get you on your way to a rewarding volunteer experience.

Additional local opportunities include involvement in an alumni chapter- which can prove very rewarding. Joining an alumni chapter of Delta Sigma Pi will allow you to continue the associations you make in college as well as make new fraternal friends of Deltasigs from other chapters. These new and old friends will give you the chance to exchange actual business experiences. Finally, participating in an alumni chapter can offer you the link to your local collegiate chapter as many alumni chapters conduct joint programs with those groups.

There are several ways to serve the Fraternity on a national level including support of the Leadership Foundation, serving on a national or provincial committee, or serving as a Regional Vice President, District Director, or a member of the Board of Directors. Other volunteer efforts include colonizing a collegiate chapter or staring an alumni chapter. National service, like local service, will present you with unique opportunities to meet people with various backgrounds while developing leadership skills that will help you in your career.

Your ability to receive the full benefit of membership in Delta Sigma Pi lies, in part, in your contribution as an active alumni brother. Establish your commitment to alumni service as one of your goals.




"Delta Sigma Pi is not just four years.... but for life!"