Staff Profiles:

Director--Rebecca Todd
Graduate Assistants--Erin Prus and Joe Ring
Undergraduate Staff--Christina Black, Allen Boyd, Pat Brennan, Liz Campbell, Jennifer Downing, Daniel Francis, Amelia Keller, Katherine Nohle, Kristy Riffell, Paul Romolo, Megan Smale, Rochelle Tyler, Amy Windhorst

Rebecca Todd

Rebecca Todd, the Director of the Writing Center, has been at Xavier University since 1996. In her leisure time, she likes to read, collect perfume, and wonder why her houseplants never grow. She?s originally from Louisville, Kentucky.

Erin Prus

New to the Writing Center, Erin is a graduate student in the English M.A. program who loves doing yoga when she's not studying or running after her 3 year-old. As for her future plans, Erin aspires to earn a Ph.D and teach at the college level.

Joe Ring

A former history major, Joe is currently a full-time graduate student enrolled in Xavier?s MBA program. He is very excited to be working for the James A. Glen Writing Center, which fulfills his passion for student service. After graduation this spring, he plans to pursue a finance career in New York City.

Christina Black

Christina is a senior English major/ Gender and Diversity Studies minor who loves reading and writing. When she?s not busy working at the Writing Center, she spends a disproportionate amount of time playing with her dog, Mr. Marley Bojangles. After graduation, Christina plans to attend graduate school in Chicago.

Allen Boyd

Allen is a freshman from Toledo, Ohio. He is a political science major with plans to attend law school. As a receptionist at the Writing Center, you can find Allen with a smiling face, and he will always welcome you when you visit.

Pat Brennan

Pat is a sophomore of undeclared major considering the possibilities of English, lion taming, and ninjitsu. Making his debut this year as a fresh tutor out of last year?s free agent writers, he hopes to take this year as an opportunity to explore the thrilling realm of the English language from a new perspective as he considers teaching the subject as a potential career.

Liz Campbell

Liz is a junior English major/Professional Education minor/Music minor from Carmel, Indiana who is in her second year as a tutor. In her free time, Liz likes to sing, take photographs, baby-sit, and spend time with her friends and family. After she graduates, Liz plans to teach Language Arts at the middle school or high school level.

Jennifer Downing

Jennifer is a senior English major from Fort Mitchell, KY and a third-year tutor at the Writing Center. She also enjoys being involved with the Student Government Association and is hoping to attend law school next fall.

Daniel Francis

Daniel is a freshman from the original Saint Xavier High School in Louisville, KY. In his free time, he enjoys running, listening to music, reading, and watching sports. Daniel hopes to attend Law School.

Amelia Keller

Amelia is a junior at Xavier University. She is an English major and enjoys reading a diverse mixture of literature and nonfiction. Outside of the classroom and writing center she enjoys hiking and being in nature, eastern foods, and spending time with her pet rat, Genevieve.

Katherine Nohle

Katherine is an English major and Secondary Education minor. She is in her senior year at Xavier and looks forward to student teaching. Katherine harbors a secret love for comic books and legos.

Kristy Riffell

Kristy is a freshman from Hamilton High School in Hamilton, OH. While she is not studying, she spends her time sleeping, taking pictures, watching television, and hanging out with friends. She absolutely loves math, and even though most people call her a nerd for it, she continues to look into a possible career in math.

Paul Romolo

Paul is a Senior English/HAB double major, in his second year at the Writing Center. He is from Denver, Colorado and enjoys reading anything from Ovid to JK Rowling. He intends to study English in graduate school.

Megan Smale

Megan is a junior from Palm Springs, CA and one of our receptionists. When she isn?t busy greeting students and making them feel welcome at the Writing Center, she?s knitting scarfs and sweaters for all of her coworkers.

Rochelle Tyler

Rochelle is in her third year as a receptionist at the Writing Center and is a junior Nursing major. When she is not in class, she can be found at J. Alexanders (as a server), in Gospel Choir, or, most likely, studying like mad.

Amy Windhorst

Amy is a sophomore Computer Science major from Louisville, KY. Though her first love might in 1?s and 0?s, writing comes in at a close second? or perhaps third, if you?re counting her Wii. Some of her favorite parts of life include television, fast metabolism, Super Smash Bros., sarcasm, and the never-ending search for a real-life Mr. Darcy. She?s looking forward to her first year as a Writing Center tutor.