Helpful Tipsheets

The Writing Center has a number of writing resources in our library, as well as some helpful tipsheets. Some of these are available here for download in a pdf format.  Please feel free to print or save these tipsheets and use them as a quick reference to common questions.(More tipsheets will be added soon; let us know if you're looking for something in particular.)

Introducing and Integrating Quotations (MLA format)

This handout explains the most effective ways of choosing quotations for your paper as well as how to best introduce them in the text.

Effective Verbs for Introducing Quotations

Introducing quotations can be tricky, but this handout is a great starting point for choosing a verb that best incorporates a quotation into a paper.

In-Text Citation (MLA format)

A common concern for people visiting the Writing Center is about citing sources throughout the paper. This handout provides a variety of examples of how to cite print and PDF sources.