Online Sources for Documentation Information

  • APA Documentation: Here you'll find a list of links to web sites on all aspects of APA style.
  • APA Information on citing electronic references in APA style.
  • Bedford Books Documentation Site: This easy-to-navigate site illustrates documentation of sources according to styles used in different disciplines.  Created by Diana Hacker, the author of many writing handbooks, the site is particularly useful to students unfamiliar with academic citation styles.
  • Duke Libraries Citation Site: Instead of directing you to rules for a particular style guide, this site lists examples of four citation styles (MLA, APA, Chicago Style, and CBE)  for any type of source: book titles, articles, newspapers, web sites, etc.  This is a helpful site for anyone who wants to see the differences among styles.
  • Indispensable Writing Resources: This site really can be indispensable if you're looking for a way to document one of your resources, whether in the Bibliography or within the text. Complete with information on MLA and APA, there's also guidance on such things as footnotes and electronic sources, not to mention subject-specific style guides for those not using MLA or APA guidelines.