X-LAB 2013


1. Daniel Klemens (XU MBA grad) - WaterFields LLC 

A retail environment for purchasing Waterfields micro-greens that abides by the overarching company mission to alleviate concentrated poverty in targeted Cincinnati neighborhoods by providing meaningful jobs with livable wages, benefits, and profit-sharing to the hard to hire.

Email: Daniel Klemens Phone: (862) 377-8571

2. Nick Gagai - Strength Innovation 

A niche consulting firm with expertise in social innovation, with clients drawn from healthcare, government, education, and social services, addressing our nation’s toughest social problems using techniques that activate people’s strengths.

Email: Nick Gagai Phone: (740) 550- 2457

3. William Morriss and Yvonne Gaspar - Prosecution Helper

A software which identifies and delivers information needed in patent prosecution.

Email: Yvonne Gaspar and  William Morriss  Phone: (513)-373-1118

4. Jewell Ridley - Attunement Solutions 

Provides onsite IT training and preparations for front line clinicians leading the implementation of the electronic health record for long term and post acute care (LTPAC) facilities.

Email: Jewell Ridley Phone: (513)-561-1299

5. Matt Stein (XU undergrad student) Safe Lease Security Solutions

Dedicated to making University life safer by amplifying efforts to increase security and crime prevention amongst students by offering a hassle-free, security-oriented service, in which we lease, install, and maintain safes for University Students.

Email: Matt Stein Phone: (513)-646-9823

6. Norma Lawrence - Fiberge 

An online sales website for a collaboration of small local yarn shops in the tri-state area.

Email: Norma Lawrence Phone: (513)-831-9276