X-LAB 2013 Workshop Participants:


Pictured above are the 35 participants for XLAB 2013 workshops. The participants will attend 20 workshops at 3-4 hours each in preparation for the opportunity to compete for MBA resources and an executive mentor. Starting on the 4th workshop, each business owner will present the progress they are making on the development of their business model to a team of 5 executives. 

1. Business Name: Visual Justice

    Owner: Kraig Haplea

2. Business Name: Cincy Scavenge

    Owner: Daniel Klemens

3. Business Name: ChallengeRunner LLC

    Owner: Joseph Kennedy

4. Business Name: Soap Kitten/Four Sticks

    Owner: Robin Anneken

5. Business Name: My Uneek Bag

    Owner: Uneek Lowe

6. Business Name: The Heights

    Owner: Christian Kalin

7. Business Name: Legacy Sports Management

    Owner: Kevin Manley

8. Business Name: Inside Out Salon and Day Spa

    Owner: Wayman Brown

9. Business Name: SafeLease Security Solutions

    Owner: Matt Stein

10. Business Name: Knitting In The Nati dba Fiberge

    Owner: Norma Lawrence

11. Business Name: Completed Living

    Owner: Alex Walton

12. Business Name: Strategic Medical Associates, LLC

    Owner: James Powell

13. Business Name:  Historic Tours of Alexandria

    Owner: Meaghan Reilly

14. Business Name: Prosecution Helper

    Owner: William  Morriss

15. Business Name: Holly A. Schapker

    Owner: Holly Schapker

16. Business Name: DCR Denmark Court Reporting Agency, LLC

    Owner:  Angela E.  Denmark

17. Business Name: Film This

    Owner: Ryan Budke

18. Business Name: I Plump Gloves

    Owner: Beverly Clayton

19. Business Name: csLoop

    Owner: Nick Sorrell

20. Business Name: SparkFwd

    Owner: Nick Sorrell

21. Business Name: Attunement Solutions

    Owner: Jewell Ridley

22. Business Name: Guilty Pleasures

    Owner: Daniel Klemens

23. Business Name: Neighborhood Incubators

    Owner: Daniel Klemens

24. Business Name: Neighborhood Produce

    Owner: Daniel Klemens


25. Business Name: Women's Fitness Association (Non-profit)

    Owner: Lisa Coors

26. Business Name: 2 Hire Me Now

    Owner: Scott Mozea

27. Business Name: Whole Home

    Owner: Jere McIntyre

28. Business Name: Anna Maria 

    Owner: Anna Hehman

29. Business Name: All-Train Athletics

    Owner: Lauren Carter

30. Business Name: Instrunation

    Owner: Nachiket Deshmukh

31. Business Name: Financial Connections 

    Owner: Hudson Chilton

32. Business Name: "City of Strengths"

    Owner: Nick Gagai

33. Business Name: Marina Laundry and Cleaners

    Owner: Tanya Mack & Deon Mack

34. Business Name: Epic Nation

    Owner: David Waiss

35. Business Name: CINCY runners Inc.

    Owner: Andrew Archer

36. Business Name: Red Sea International CAFÉ

    Owner: Tesfaezgi "TEZ" Debesay