X-LAB 2011



Mr. Bigshot – Online Stock Market Game

Courtney Tudor

This product would be a new multi-player online version of a stock -investing game called Mr. Bigshot. The game uses 45 years of historical stock market data. Players buy and sell stocks of a given year. The goal is to have the most money at the end of the game. In addition to its commercial uses, it can be used as a teaching tool in high schools, with the goal of conducting a nationwide tournament.

Phone: 513-478-3650; Email: mrbigshot@gmail.com

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Student Designed – Connecting Students with Real-World Work

Adam Treister

Student Designed is a social networking website connecting businesses and universities. It creates a place where businesses can submit requests for students to work on projects in their classrooms. Universities review the project proposals and accept the best ones for their students. Professors guide their students by basing their course work on real-world projects. Examples include developing a marketing campaign for a business and designing a flagship store for a retail chain.

Phone: 304-543-8866; Email: treister.adam@studentdesigned.com

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DC2 Technologies – Advanced Dental Instrument

Dr. David Croop and Don Carter

DC2 Technologies has developed and patented a self-cleaning dental mirror. This instrument addresses a common problem experienced by dentists. When using a mirror for some procedures, it is nearly impossible to keep the mirror clean from debris. In most cases, the dentist must repeatedly stop the procedure and manually clean the mirror. The idea for this instrument stems from 27 years of practicing dentistry and encountering the daily frustration of limited visibility when using a conventional dental mirror.

Phone: 513-673-8380; Email: drdavid@cinci.rr.com
Phone #2: 859-866-1611; Email #2: dcarter3@zoomtown.com

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Innovative Boys’ Underwear

Mary Fennell

Mary Fennell has a patented product, the only boys’ underwear with a fly designed as a flap that uses Velcro as a fastener. The flap-fly provides easy access, gives privacy to the child’s backside while standing in public restrooms and prevents bunching of clothing, which often leads to splatters and soiled clothing. Marketing research from major brands have shown that, although there is a fly opening for boys on the traditional boys’ briefs, most boys don’t use them.

Phone: 859-359-0465; Email: kfennell@insightbb.com


Development Strategies Group – Economic Development Consulting

Doug Moormann, Chip Gerhardt and Jim Benedict

Private businesses have been reluctant to take advantage of government incentives, even though the incentives are designed to cut the cost of business expansion, relocation and acquisition. Some view the process of securing the incentives as too cumbersome. Others are concerned about strings being attached to the incentives. Development Strategies Group will help its clients identify and obtain these incentives. The firm’s consultants will manage the process. As a result, more jobs will be retained and more businesses expanded in Greater Cincinnati.

Phone: 513-651-4100; Email: dmoormann@devstrategiesgroup.com
Phone #2: 513-237-2466

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Senfacture – Online Method for Paying Overseas Bills

Djibril Thiaw

Senfacture is an easy way to receive, track and pay international bills online. In some developing nations, utility companies don’t accept personal checks or online payments. Senfacture’s method eliminates the hassle of having to stand in line for up to a day just to pay one bill. This method is especially helpful for immigrants in the U.S. who support families overseas. But it will be convenient for anyone who lives in one country and needs to pay bills in other countries.

Phone: 513-652-4770; Email: thiawd@xavier.edu; Website: www.senfacture.com

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GameDay Advantage Technologies – Mobile Device Applications for Sports Teams

Brett Elkins and Mike Buob

This business wants to develop mobile device software for professional sports teams to enhance the fan experience. The suite of applications allows fans to become more engaged and entertained through the use of games such as bingo, trivia and predicting the play. A rewards-loyalty program could generate increased use of the mobile device application by providing free or discounted team items to fans. In addition, teams could send targeted advertisements to fans’ mobile devices on behalf of the teams’ corporate sponsors.

Phone: 513-515-1639; Email: mbelkins@msn.com
Phone #2: 513-310-4292; Email #2: mikebuob@gmail.com‎

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SoMoLend – Peer-to-Peer Lending Technology

Candace Klein

With the decrease of bank loans to startup businesses, SoMoLend wants to capitalize on a trend in lending. It’s called peer-to-peer lending, and it involves private individuals and businesses lending to each other. This company has software that uses the web and interactive mobile devices to match borrowers with lenders. Revenue will mostly come from a fee on the transactions made through an electronic payment system.

Phone: 859-803-9499; Email: candace@somolend.com

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Urban Harvest – High-Yield Farming in Cities

Brad Rogers

Urban Harvest relies on an innovative approach to grow fish and crops. The technique, called aquaponics, produces large quantities of food in small areas and does so organically. The crops are grown with their roots in water. Fish waste fertilizes the crops. Urban Harvest wants to establish such farming systems in urban areas.

Phone: 513-835-6335; Email: brad@urban-harvest.org; Website: www.urban-harvest.org

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Green City Cuisine – Locally Grown Organic Food Truck

Brendan Cmolik, Wyatt Link and Sean Zavoda

Green City Cuisine would capitalize on two of the strongest trends in the food services industry -- food trucks and organic cuisine -- by combining them. It would be the first food truck in Greater Cincinnati with organic and locally grown food, helping to renew the connection between the community and its food. This business hopes to reinvigorate people’s appreciation for the food they eat and the farmers who provide that food.

Phone: 419-551-2946; Email: cmolikb@xavier.edu

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