X-LAB 2010

Winner: Growth By Export



Michael Kou



Growth By Export, Inc. (GBE) is primarily an Export Consulting and Global Project Management company created to capitalize on the growing demand for U.S. goods and services, policies of a pro-export government, weak U.S. dollar, and simplification of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). GBE will offer three main services. These services include Compliance on Demand™, Export Consulting and Global Project Management. With these services GBE will offer confidence and risk mitigation in international business transactions.


Advisors and Consultants

Board Members Industry Advisors and
Executive Advisors
Faculty Advisors X-LAB Consultants
Nicholas Cook   Lifang Wu
Tim Kruse
Yi Yin (Carol Anne) Liao (MBA)
Abdulrahman Bukhari (MBA)
Sumeyra Masarifoglu (MBA)
Rudhir Patil (MBA)