X-LAB 2010


Statement of Endorsement: June 2010

Even in healthy economic times, Greater Cincinnati must continually look for creative ways to strengthen the business community. But these are not healthy economic times. The nation continues to recover from a deep recession, making it even more crucial that innovative, aggressive programs be put into action.

The X-LAB Competition, run by the Williams College of Business at Xavier University, is such a program. It has potential to make a difference in the Greater Cincinnati economy and beyond:

  • X-LAB will foster entrepreneurship. And entrepreneurship drives job growth.
  • X-LAB will give business students practical experience as consultants. And experienced, well-trained students grow into successful business leaders.
  • X-LAB will strengthen the connection between business leaders and business educators. And that partnership will continue to be mutually beneficial.

The Williams College of Business is well-positioned to run X-LAB. It is ranked as one of the nation’s top business schools for entrepreneurship.

We, the undersigned, enthusiastically endorse the X-LAB Competition, and we encourage other leaders in the region to do the same:

  • Robert W. Coy, President, CincyTech (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Sean L. Rugless, President & CEO, Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce (Cincinnati, OH)
  • David K. Main, President, Hamilton County Business Center (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Lisa FitzGibbon, President & CEO, Easter Seals Work Resource Center (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Crystal German, Vice President, Minority Business Accelerator & Economic Inclusion - Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Elizabeth Edwards, CEO, Metro Innovation (Cincinnati, OH)
  • William L. Scheyer, President, Vision 2015 (Covington, KY)
  • Clifford A. Bailey, President & CEO, TechSoft Systems, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Jeff Edmonson, Executive Director, Strive (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Michael Fisher, President & CEO, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Rob Reifsnyder, President & CEO, United Way of Greater Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Carol Frankenstein, President, BIOSTART (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Alfonso Cornejo, President, Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Steve Stevens, President, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce (Ft. Mitchell, KY)
  • Charles Bradley, SVP, Fifth Third Bank