XLAB 2012 Testimonials

Keeping the tradition rolling for last 2 years, XLAB 2012 program helped the XLAB participants to walk extra miles to realize their business model and take action on the model developed. Below are some video testimonials from XLAB 2012 participants sharing their XLAB journey:

  • BrewKraft Collective (from left Kieran Hurley, Nick DiNardo and Eric Palmer) talking about their experience with XLAB and working with MBAs through ENTR668 (Small Business Consulting) at Smith Hall, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH. To watch, click here
  • Ben Parks, owner of Parks OV Electric, LLC talking about his journey in XLAB program. To watch, click here
  • Joellyn Hartley of Diagnostic Imaging Services, Inc talking about XLAB and the values extracted from attending the workshops at Xavier University's unique program 'XLAB' (Xavier Launch A Business). To watch, click here
  • Maureen Mello, one of the owner of the non-profit organization called "Greens Neighborhood Market" talking about her experience with XLAB (Xavier Launch A Business). To watch, click here
  • Pam Bowers owner of Smart Pathways. Smart Pathways provides programming for the following market segments: (1) Students grades pre-k through 12 (2) Regional education centers and (3) General public access. Pam shares her experience on XLAB and key takeaways. To watch, click here
  • Kimberly Hills, owner of Green Garden Studio (GGS), provides feedback on XLAB workshops and key takeaways from the workshops. Green Garden Studio: A Home &Garden Style Expert service to assist with PLACEMAKING for the inside/outside connection between home and garden along with sustainable \'green\' living practices for the home environment. To watch, click here