For the graduating class of 2008, 95 percent of Williams College of Business (WCB) graduates and 93 percent of international business graduates were either employed full-time or enrolled in a graduate program within 90 days of graduation. Average starting salary for 2008 international business graduates: $36,714.

Many international business graduates work for a U.S. company that sends them abroad for business travel, or to work abroad for a number of years at a time. International business careers include the following:

  • Management: Overseas production, shipping, international human resources management
  • Finance: International banking, currency trading, securities trading analysis of overseas production sites/international investment, company exchange risk management, international risk management, financial planning for multinationals
  • Accounting: Financial management for multinational companies
  • Marketing: Business-to-business selling, market analysis/research, international purchasing, cross-cultural negotiating, consulting
  • Government: Foreign service officer, country analyst

Recent graduates have been hired for such positions as:

  • Account executive, Total Quality Logistics
  • Account specialist, Union Central Life Insurance
  • Assistant language teacher, Hiroshima Prefectural Government
  • Assistant, The Hispanic Chamber
  • HR assistant, ECS Mid-Atlantic

International business majors also pursue graduate study to earn a degree in law, an MBA or a Master of Diplomacy at prestigious institutions nationwide.