For the graduating class of 2008, 95 percent of Williams College of Business (WCB) graduates were either employed full-time or enrolled in a graduate program within 90 days of graduation. Average starting salary for 2008 human resource management graduates: $50,000.

Graduates in human resource management find professional career opportunities in a wide variety of areas:

  • In business, opportunities are available in labor relations and in personnel or human resources management. Both union and nonunion settings offer opportunities for employment. Labor relations include collective bargaining, grievance processing, arbitration and mediation. Employment with labor unions is commonly found in their research and education departments.
  • Personnel or human resources management include generalist positions in the recruitment, development and retention of a qualified and satisfied workforce, and specialist positions to handle areas such as compensation, employee benefits, health and safety, education and training, and affirmative action. Similar positions in the management of labor relations and personnel are available in both government agencies and nonprofit organizations.
  • Other career opportunities exist in specialized federal and state agencies that administer labor relations, equal opportunity and similar laws regulating the employment relationship.

Recent graduates have been hired for such positions as:

  • Human resources director, Duro Paper Bag Co.
  • Human resources specialist, XLC Services
  • Field examiner, National Labor Relations Board
  • Financial analyst, Thomas Nelson Publishing Co.
  • Personnel officer, Hamilton County Department of Human Services

Human resources majors also pursue graduate study in industrial relations and personnel, as well as law school, at prestigious institutions around the country.