Our Plan for Economics Majors

At Xavier, we focus on:


  • Three Programs: We have majors in Economics: A&S, Economics: Business and Modern Language & International Economics: A&S.
  • Strong Elective Courses: We focus on Economic Policy, Business Economics and PhD Preparatory.


  • Xavier Economics Internship Program.
  • Advisory Board Research Scholars Program: Each year, two seniors receive a $2000 scholarship and work on a research project with a faculty member.


  • Small group lunches: freshman & juniors meet with faculty while sophomores & seniors meet with advisory board members.
  • Small group lunches with Advisory Board Members: Sophomores and Seniors meet with Advisory Board members.
  • Advisory board mentor for Juniors.


  • Active Xavier Economics Association: features speakers, trips and career events.

And one more thing we think is important: Updating

Each year, Advisory Board members and Economics faculty evaluate student presentations and papers of graduating Economics majors, and meet to update the program.

Points of Distinction: What makes the Xavier program unique?

  • You will be provided Economics mentors from our Advisory Board.
  • You will benefit from the guidance of a business professional and enjoy a number of networking opportunities.
  • You will have an opportunity to apply for a Xavier Economics Internship and Advisory Board Research Scholarship.
  • A number of companies in the region exclusively interview our juniors for internships in Economics.
  • You will take classes in a program that is annually updated.
  • We work with our Advisory Board each spring and summer to update our program for the next year.