Business Profession Program Activities

CareerLeader Assessment & Reflection

Used by over 250 top business schools and leading corporations, CareerLeader software provides a report on your unique profile of interests, abilities and motivations. In addition CareerLeader identifies a list of business-related careers that seem to fit your interests and abilities. While no one can or should tell you what to be or do, CareerLeader can get you started with some suggested areas to explore in more detail.

Maximize Your WCB Experience

When it comes to classes, extracurriculars and social events, there is a lot to choose from and a lot to fit in. College presents exciting options and time challenges that you may not have faced yet. This workshop offers a Xavier student panel who will give tips on how they have maximized their time for classes, work and personal life.

Freshman Year Kick-off Speaker

Freshman year is a time for finding inspiration. This kick-off event to the Business Profession Program helps you do just that. Enjoy an energizing presentation that will get you thinking about how you'll spend your years at Xavier.

Executive-in-Residence Interview

Consider yourself among the lucky ones with the privilege to talk with a business executive about the college career that lies ahead of you. Go in prepared with questions and you'll make the most of this initial mentoring opportunity. Don't forget to dress professionally - somewhere between business casual and business dress is appropriate.

Communication Etiquette

E-mail has risen to the top of communication methods, but there is a right way and a wrong way to use it professionally. This workshop addresses today's various communication outlets and the "Do's" and "Don'ts" of using them.

Executive Mentor and Internship Programs

This session will tell you what you need to know to plan to gain experience and to be a successful participant in the mentor program. Two keys to success after college are gaining experience and developing a network. This session tells you how to get started with both.

Finding An Internship

This sophomore year workshop addresses internship searching using various resources, includes those unique to the Williams College of Business.  It will also address how you can earn 3 credit hours towards your BSBA degree for internship experiences in your junior and/or senior year. 

Resume Workshop

Learn how to write a professional business resume. It's a skill that will help you stand out from the rest of the competition for your entire work life.


eRecruiting is the online software that gives you access to internships and jobs, and that allows you to upload a resume for critique, to apply for jobs, and much more. You can pick up a set of instructions on the 1st floor of Smith Hall - Room 120A - Undergraduate Office, if you're eager to get started before you attend the resume workshop.

Behavior-Based Interviewing Skills

Williams College of Business students are known for being well-prepared for interviews. This workshop is one of the keys. Learn what employers ask and why, and how best to prepare for your internship or job interviews.

Networking Effectively

It may be cliché but it's true - sometimes it really is about who you know. This workshop will tell you the ins and outs of networking including how to develop a professional network when you don't know anyone.

Effective Job Search Strategies

How do you find an internship or job? How can you find the openings before they're advertised? What are the most effective strategies that job seekers have used to find their positions? These questions and more will be answered in this workshop. You'll walk away with the know-how and the know-where to conduct a successful job search.

Evaluating a Job Offer

Before you're faced with a job offer that you're not sure is a good one, this workshop will give you the tools necessary to evaluate each offer with confidence. Learn about all that job offers include - it's not just about the salary.

Fall and/or Spring Career Fair

Each career fair at Xavier brings dozens of organizations to campus to talk with students about internship and job opportunities. Be sure you've taken the time to prepare ahead so that you make the most of the event. Tips on preparing for a career fair are discussed at the Job Search Strategies workshop and are offered in a handout.

Transition to Career Life/The First 90 Days

Once you have a job, how can you achieve and maintain success in your career? This dynamic panel tells seniors what you need to know about examining corporate culture, maximizing job performance, balancing work and personal life, and much more.

Financial Planning

401Ks, IRAs, student loans. These financial basics and other planning strategies are explained to seniors who will encounter these issues once they graduate.

More on the Business Profession Program

Additional Optional Events will be offered throughout the year that can enhance your professional presence, increase your professional network and/or expand your cultural horizons.

View the Business Profession program as an opportunity to participate in events that go beyond the average college student, and you'll be ready to hit the business world heads and shoulders above the competition!