Before you apply to positions, you'll need to research careers, companies and opportunities that fit with your interests, skills and values.

  • Attend Meet the Firms (networking event with local businesses hosted by business departments) -to learn about career options in your major.
  • Conduct Informational Interviews. Identify professionals serving in roles that interest you. Schedule conversations to learn more about the nature of their work and/or organization. Connect with your Xavier network of classmates, faculty, staff, alumni and Executive Mentors.
  • Join LinkedIn and the Xavier University Alumni group. Network with alumni who work in career fields that interest you. Connect with them to find out more.
  • Attend career panels and participate in site visits to learn about careers and industries.
  • Utilize the following online resources:


Wet Feet

WetFeet is an online career resource library whose mission is to equip job seekers with advice, research, and inspiration needed to plan and achieve a successful career. This resource provides Employer Profiles, Career Advice videos and articles, Industry and Career Track Profiles and access to the online WetFeet magazine. Additionally, WetFeet offers over 65 downloadable Career Insider Guides allowing you to learn more about hot career topics, employers and industries! This information is presented in an easy-to-read format that you will find informative and entertaining! Note: Downloadable Guides are available to current Xavier students only with the use of your active Xavier email address.

Note: To access this resource you must log in to your eRecruiting account. The link to WetFeet can be found on the homepage.

Visit the eRecruiting Website for WetFeet Access



This is Xavier's online, internal job board. Only Xavier students, alumni and approved employers have access to this site. This is the first place to go for job opportunities

Visit the eRecruiting Website


Going Global

Going Global is a provider of both country-specific and USA city-specific career and employment information. This resource provides expert advice for those looking for jobs in the United States or abroad, featuring insider tips and professional advice on topics such as employment trends, salary ranges, job search resources, networking groups, resume/CV writing guidelines and work permit/visa regulations. In addition, Going Global provides users with access to local and international job openings and internship opportunities and valuable H1B employer information.

Note: To access this resource you must log in to your eRecruiting account. The link to Going Global can be found on the homepage. At this point, you may choose to create a Personal Account if you wish to do so. This account will be valid for 180 days. If you choose to create a Personal Account, further access can be obtained by visiting the Going Global Subscriber Page.